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An oasis of calm. A source of energy. A home from home. A place to relax and let go. A place to recharge like no other.

... in an area as big as one and a half thousand football fields ... And if that isn't luxurious enough, we are located in one of the largest local recreation areas in northern Germany. This makes it easy for our guests to relax and take a deep breath as they immerse themselves in the great outdoors. Cycling on the Weser-Harz-Heide Cycle Route or along the Elbe Lateral Canal, relaxing walks in the Barnbruch wetlands, or into Lake Tankum for a splash to cool down, this area of 1,500 hectares has enough opportunity for anyone to plan their very own spa break and relaxation programme. Finish off a great day in our sumptuous sauna and relaxation area.

Business travellers

Isenbüttel is conveniently located for transport, but still surrounded by nature. Our hotel gives anyone doing business in the area around Wolfsburg, Gifhorn and Braunschweig an ideal place to take a break just a few kilometres away from work.

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Lake Tankum

At sixty-two hectares in area, Lake Tankum is one of the cleanest in Lower Saxony. The lake offers a full range of recreational activities such as swimming, hiking, relaxing, and special events.

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Discovering Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg is more than Volkswagen and cars. Wolfsburg is home to a host of cultural attractions, shopping opportunities, and concert events in an active, modern, multi-faceted city…

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The southern part of the Lüneburger Heide region is a cyclists' paradise. Any kind of cycling tour is possible here, from small excursions to major tours lasting days ...

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Nature, woodlands & meadows

Nature is still in balance around Isenbüttel. This becomes obvious when you explore our beautiful surroundings on the many biking and hiking trails. And take the time to relax as you go. The variety of wildlife, flowers and plants might surprise you, but it's all quite natural for us.

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Nothing exciting on the open plains? Think again. Culture enthusiasts will appreciate Wolfsburg with its range of museums, art exhibitions, and cultural events just a few kilometres away.

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Relaxing at the hotel is as easy as it's natural in the great outdoors: a bit like the countryside in our biosauna, and we also have a cosy infrared cabin. Our Finnish sauna and refreshing ice fountain also provide the hot-and-cold sauna experience. A relaxarium without distractions – no more and no less. Everything you need for the sauna ritual and your own well-being. The perfect thing after a long day, a hike in the rain or just to relax and recharge your batteries.

Our sauna area
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