Nature, woodlands & meadows

Enjoying a fine day in the great outdoors. Getting your feet back down on the ground, as it were. The wooded areas around Isenbüttel offer a great opportunity for young and old to unwind with lots of new things to discover. And as always, the best way to relax ... Peace, quiet, and fresh air. And there's plenty of it here.

Picnicking outdoors

Ask us. We'd be happy to pack a picnic basket for you.


Where pearls grow and eagles soar ... The Südheide hiking paradise has twenty-three themed hiking trails that you can tailor to your heart's content into long, medium and short tours.

Hiking in Lüneburger Heide

A walk in the woods

Opening up and experiencing the woods and the great outdoors creates a huge range of awareness. It changes the way you see life with a whole new approach to things. A walk in the woods helps promote our physical and mental well-being. The gentle giants all around you, trees that almost seem protective with their high crowns and solid trunks. Let the spirit of the woods inspire you with all five senses, listen for the rustling of the leaves and chirping of birds. Feel the refreshing coolness of the woods. Take in the smells – sometimes fresh, sometimes musty. Let the relaxing green seep in. And the light scintillating through the trees ... Bite into a forest berry, and maybe even talk to the plants and trees if you're that way inclined.


Tench, carp, trout, eel, perch, pike, perch, gudgeon, crucian carp, roach, rudd, bream: avid anglers with a day ticket can fish to their hearts' content at any time of year on the banks of Lake Tankum and the Elbe Lateral Canal.


How about a refreshing dip on the white sandy banks of Lake Tankum? Take a dive!


You'll find a lively history of hunting in one of the largest trophy collections in Europe.

Rare predators face-to-face

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